Thursday, October 14, 2010


You've been reading about all the puppies we have in rescue. None have been on the adoption sites we use or the PVPC web site because they haven't been ready-- but we're getting close. Colby, above, and Carter, below, were tired of JUST HEARING about how cute Cubbie Woo was-- they wanted to meet him!
"Where is he? I want them to know we're ALL the cutest! There's no contest-- we're all adorable." :-)
So, last Saturday, Paige took Cubbie to Richmond to meet Jeanne and Carter and Colby. Don't you wish you could have been there? I do! But, I had a conference that day and unless I can figure out a way to clone myself, I can only do one thing at a time. Cubbie and Colby are getting acquainted.
Cubbie is ready-- but Colby sees something that is distracting him. Look my way, Colby!!
Oh, now I see what you were looking at-- it's Carter!
But, Cubbie wants to play, so off he goes.
Take that!
Here I come again!! Looks like Cubbie is winning-- of course, it's not a contest. It's just a big puppy-free-for-all.
All now, all the puppies are involved. Colby and Carter are used to playing a LOT. Cubbie has a lot of dogs in his house, and a puppy next door-- but I'm not sure how ready he was for this gang.
And when they were done, Colby sat on Paige's lap to get a kiss. I bet she wanted all three! It was a great puppy day. Just watch the videos below to see.


lady jicky said...

Oooooo, pekie puppies are the most cutest things on Earth! LOL

Tracey said...

I love the puppies, they are adorable! So much energy and curiosity. Makes them a joy to watch! My peke puppy Macy is a year old now. Hard to believe. But, she still acts like a puppy. Every morning she likes to wake me by sitting on my chest and rubbing her face against my face. It is so sweet... how can you get mad that it is 4:30 am and you don't have to be up till 5:30am. I love my Peke's.

Cris said...

so Adorable, I could watch them play all day. Zach & Jazzy play like that too but I'm sure they get tired and worn out alot sooner than the puppies do.

emilyp said...

Lovely!! I watched the videos on FB and they were so fun:) Peke puppies are the best!!!

Karin said...

It just doesn't get any cuter than these three darling, little guys!