Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is Wylie's house. Of course, it's Missy's house and Lily's house, too. It's all dressed up for Halloween! They are letting Ju Li and Katrina also stay there for fostering. I love her porch-- it's so pretty with all the flowers and pumkins.
Wylie and Ju Li are in front of the rest (Missy, Lily and Katrina). Don't you love their Halloween outfits! They are all so cute!
Yes, Wylie, you are a handsome boy! You have come so far-- I'll never forget the day you came into rescue in such bad shape. Your new mom and dad fell in love right away and you have become such a beautiful boy!
Okay, Wylie, now all the girls are where they should be-- behind you. You got them in line. Now, how do you think they'll do when all the children come for treats? Will they try to trick them, or just give them some candy. :-)


lady jicky said...

I was having one of those "rotten" days and then I opened up "Must love Pekes" and saw the gang in their pumpkin coloured bibs on the steps and just laughed!
Thanks Linda - they are all so cute I just smiled and laughed.
that is the power of Peke's - PEKE POWER!!!

OOOOoooo - there will be mucho Barking when the doorbell rings!

* We really do not "do " Halloween in Australia. They try to bring it in but...... bit of a flop here.
Must be fun in the US on Halloween Night :)

Cris said...

Love the porch....and LOVE all the Pekes with their pumpkins! Made me smile on this icky rainy morning.... Pekes do make any day better!!!!

cby said...

They all win the pumpkin contest hands down. Absopekinlutely!

emilyp said...

LOVED those bibs!!! Oh gosh, so cute, I need to get them!

Peke Power for sure!!