Friday, October 15, 2010

RB/Rose Bud

Remember Rose Bud-- one of the Bristol 18 puppy mill rescues? She was heart worm positive and pretty sick.
You've seen this picture before -- it's my favorite one of RB. She looks so pretty nestled under the flowers.
She's finished her heartworm treatment now-- and she has been spayed and had her teeth cleaned. She's feel just fine!
Her coat is thick and beautiful and she is a sweet dog. She's ready for her forever home. If you're interested in her, please email
She wants her own forever family!


lady jicky said...

Oh Linda, I just love roses and that sweet girl Rosebud is a darlin!!!

Put her on a Qantas Flight and send her over to Oz!!! :)

emilyp said...

Oh gosh, that last pic of RB is making me wish I could reach through the screen and grab her! I cannot believe the transformation..what a gorgeous Peke. She is going to make a family super happy:)

Mary Elizabeth said...

I love those pics! I got to meet RB, and she has the sweetest disposition. I hope that she finds her forever home soon.... she deserves a wonderful family!