Saturday, October 23, 2010


I received a call from a local shelter. An owner had turned in this sweet Peke. Her name is Coco but I call her Coco Puff. (The vet called her Coco Bean, which I thought was cute, too.)
She has the sweetest smile-- don't be put off by the crate, she just traveled in it. I'm afraid a dog will try to climb into my lap during transport-- not a good idea!
We went to the vet and she got to ride "solo." She loved looking out the window.
She was spayed and I brought her home-- but somehow she hurt her eye. Off to the vet we went. She received eye meds and I thought she'd be fine. She wasn't fine though-- it got worse and worse, so we went to the opthalmologist. We got more drops and antibiotics, and then went to see him again two days later. While there, her eye ruptured. Right in front of the opthalmologist! So, she had emergency surgery to save her eye. (We thought she would keep her sight if we did this, which is why we went ahead with an eye graft instead of removing her eye.)
She probably thinks she'll wear the e-collar forever, but she does fine with it. She was on the deck and there was a piddle pad there, which she wadded up into a bed. :-) (I had the deck blocked because of people coming in and out of the yard that day.)
Coco Puff still squints her right eye a lot. I had to get up once or twice a night at first to give her eye drops-- four of them. Now, I get to sleep through the night and just give the meds during the day-- yippee!!
The opthalmologist said her eye is healing very well and she does have vision in it, which is GREAT!!! This is a before picture, but hopefully, soon, she'll be e-collar free and her eye will be healed. She is very sweet and loving, follows me all over. She'll be a wonderful addition to a forever family. Her surgery was expensive, so if you want to help with it, just go to our web site and make a donation on paypal.


lady jicky said...

We have a kids cerel called "Coco Pops" and I guess that is what dear old Coco's eye did in the vets - Pop!
Oh dear - she is so pretty and I do hope she finds a wonderful home Linda!!

emilyp said...

What a cutie, even with the cone of shame;) She will find a fur-ever home soon!!

Karin said...

I'm glad the wonderful vet you work with was able to save Coco's eye/eyesight. I love the blaze on her head ~ very pretty girl. She's lucky it happened while she was in your care ~ who knows what neglect and pain she would have had to endure with someone who couldn't afford to take her to a vet.