Thursday, October 7, 2010


This is Hayden. He was turned into a shelter by his owner who were getting a divorce. But, they didn't even tell the shelter his name!
Hayden is about 8 and VERY sweet. He is also very thin, at 12 pounds.
He loves attention and will grab a toy and play with it. He is fine around dogs and cats, and isn't aggressive at all. At night, he climbed right into his bed and fell asleep.
We are doing tests on him to see what his condition is and why he is so thin. We'll know more soon.
He may just need a place to live his life in love and comfort.
Look at his smile!! He's beautiful!! Look at this short video (very short):
Click here: YouTube - hayden
I'd take him home!! How about you?


Pekiegirl said...

So glad you got him from the shelter! Can't imagine doing that with my dogs! He's very cute!

Jeanne said...

Well at least he is in a safe place now where he is being feed and loved. I hope the test come back good. I hope we can make him all better !!!! He is just so beautiful !!!! Someone out there will fall in love with him....I'm sure.

Cris said...

Poor guy! He does look so sweet, I hope he finds his forever home soon. Him and Zack have the same face - just different colors, they could be brothers!

Good luck to Hayden, I'm sure that whoever has the privelge of adopting him will get nothing but love from him in return!

emilyp said...

OH I would totally take him home!! What a beautiful boy. The coloring on him is just gorgeous:) I hope his tests come back okay:(

Dawn-Marie said...

He is almost a twin to my Princess Mugwhump! I know he will find a loving home soon.He is royalty after all!

Karin said...

He really does have a beautiful, happy smile. What a nice dog. Hopefully his weight will return to normal soon.