Friday, October 29, 2010


Have you visited our new Potomac Valley Pekingese Club/Rescue facebook site? Click here: Facebook Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue We have many members already-- some are from: Beirut, Lebanon; St. John's, Canada; Nottingham, The United Kingdom, Cabestany, France; Aravaca, Spain; Zagreb, Croatia; Ulricehamn, Sweden. WOW, people all over are visiting! Too bad we can't adopt to all those places. :-)
It looks like we'll get a new dog into rescue on Monday. If his owner shows up, we won't get him, but so far, no one has claimed him.
He's a little thing-- only about 10-11 pounds I'm guessing. He has been hiding under his bed at the shelter-- yes, they have Kuranda dog beds for each one there! He came out to meet me though, and we went for a walk.
He was sniffing the air and enjoyed being outside. He's in a big kennel space with a bed and a toy, and he can see outside-- the shelter is a good one. But, it's not like being in a home.
I'm guessing this little man is only about a year old-- he gave me kisses to try to bribe me to take him home. I sure wish I could have, but it will come soon! I'll be there as soon as they let me have him on Monday! Now, what would YOU name him??


lady jicky said...


Tracey said...

Linda he is gorgous! I read your blog everymorning and I want them all! But, I known in my heart that I really can't handle more than the 4 I have for now. I am agreeing with Lady Jicky ... Snowy, snowball ... those were the lines I was thinking for a name. Have a blessed day. And, thank you for all you do for these beautiful and deserving furbabies!

Cris said...

He's a Handsome boy......hmmm maybe Zack needs more company? LOL don't tell my husband I said that! I like Lady Jicky's "Snowy" too. Maybe Printz (like prince) or Fritz or King or Duke...........(he looks like royalty with that pretty white coat)

Unknown said...

Since he gives kisses....yeah, you guessed it....Hershey!!

Fiona Ross said...

Kimba - he reminds me of Kimba the White Lion, a cartoon I loved when I was little. He would have his own theme song too!

emilyp said...

He is absolutely beautiful! I like Snowy or Snowball..I hope you get to take him home on Monday!!

diane said...

How about Snowman? He's definitly got to have Snow as part of his name! He's absolutely beautiful!

Marilyn said...

What about "Frosty" (the snowman).. He IS so beautiful.

Marilyn said...

What about "Frosty" (the snowman)? ;-)