Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Everyone thinks "Fall is here and I don't have to worry about parasites, fleas and ticks." WRONG. The fall is actually when a lot of these get worse, so don't stop watching for them. A lot of ticks are hanging out on bushes so keep being careful and checking your dogs for these things. Here's a link you can check: Click here: September Newsletter
Sabre now Droopy Dog is doing well in his new home. He is adjusting well. He already knows his new name. He has found a favorite spot on the window seat where he can keep an eye on his new world.
He gained some weight since he got there, so now he has to cut back on his treats-- poor Droopy Dog!! We all like treats, but Droopy, you don't want to be a super-sized dog. :-) I hear you love your new sister, Daffodil. You even have a new yip that you use to call Daffy when you want her to play. And you have increased your stamina so you can go around the block TWICE now! Wow. I think I need to come there to get my stamina up. Ask your mom and dad if I can come visit.
He loves his daily walks with dad!! Here's a note from his new family: "Daffy is doing a great job teaching him the ropes and tolerating his lack of personal space. Droopy still has no boundries and walks right up on her while she is doing her business. She hasn't even growled at him. Droopy hasn't even had any accidents since he got to his new home. His foster mom, Kris, did a wonderful job with him!! His new dad is working on teaching him to bark to go out. They are seeing a very playful side of Droopy. He and Daffy take turns with the toys. Daffy will play chase, then Droopy grabs the toy and puts it away in his bed. Daffy then grabs another toy till Droopy steals it. This will go on for 9 or 10 toys until Daffy gets tired. Then Droopy will start playing with the toys he has "stolen" and Daffy climbs on the sofa and watches him. They have started playing together but I haven't seen much running around together. I am sure that will come with time. Thank both of you for helping us find Droopy. He is a wonderful addition to our family." Kris, his foster mom, is so excited for Droopy-- and so are we! He is going to be loved so much now.


Mary Elizabeth said...

Brandy does the same thing! (She's one of the Bristol 18.) So glad to see Droopy found such a wonderful home and is healing from the horrific conditions those dogs experienced.

emilyp said...

Love the first picture of Droopy looking out the window. It just speaks volumes about how much his life has changed:)