Saturday, October 2, 2010


Remember Brandy-- of the Bristol 18? She was 9 pounds of bone. You've heard of "skin and bones?" Well, that's what she was. But, with the rest, she went to see Dr. Rich Teague, in Richmond (Farmers Veterinary Hospital) and she was in great hands. He did so much to help her (along with Jeanne, who cared for her daily!) and we just want to thank him.
Here he is with Kate and Sara, who also work there. He has an incredible team.
We gave him a plaque to thank him for all he's done for us. It's not much-- we can't ever really thank him enough for his generous heart.
Look at Brandy now!! She's gained SIX POUNDS and is at a good weight now-- 15 pounds. She has energy and has learned to play and run. Running was something these dogs never had a chance to do. They were confined, some in crates-- like Brandy who was in one with her two puppies-- there will be a blog on the puppies tomorrow.
Camden wasn't too sure of Brandy when she got there. We tried to tell him he was once a rescue/foster dog and he should know what it was like. I guess he decided to believe us because he's beginning to play with her now.
Camden has decided that if he's going to be stuck with a girl in his house, he might as well play with her. Look at this happy girl!! Every moment and dollar we put into her care is repaid to us by this smile.
Camden is going to tackle her-- did he win??
NOPE. Time out.
She's getting a work-out and she loves it!
She thinks she'll just lay down for a moment. I would never believe it if I didn't see it-- Brandy was so afraid when we got her, so malnourished and mistreated. You'd never guess this was the same dog. We almost thought she wouldn't make it because of her critical condition.
Brandy also has a bladder infection when we got her and her mom had to "capture her pee" for a recheck. (Oh, I can so relate to this, having done is MANY MANY times myself!) Here's what Mary Elizabeth said,"So, here I am, following behind her with a thing that looked like a french fry tray, and every time she squats I try to sneak it under her bottom. It took me about 30 minutes, but I got ONE MILLILITER for them to analyze. (This is harder to do than it would seem!)" I laughed when I read this. You have to be quick and accurate!
Brandy is eating well, running around, napping on the deck and annoying Camden at times. She wants to PLAY PLAY and he doesn't always want to be bothered. Brandy has come so far-- she is housetrained now (so are many of the Bristol 18-- which amazes me).
Look at this precious dog-- look at her healthy coat, her alert eyes and her happy face. It has to warm the heart of everyone who helped her to be a real dog-- you had a big hand in her now happy life!! THANK YOU to everyone who helped for all your hard work - I know it's a labor of love, but that doesn't make it any less work!!


lady jicky said...

Bravo to Dr Teqgue and his team.
Brandy looks in great form now!!

Linda, I take it "MY" Camden is to be the brother of Brandy??? Or did I get this wrong?

If she is living with Camden - she seems to be able to handle that boy just fine!!! :)

Jeanne said...

WOW....can you believe the difference in Brandy.? I can remember the sad day I picked the Bristol 18 up.Brandy was so scared and timid. She truly was a "bag of bones". Her two puppies were in such bad shape too.She will always hold a spot in my heart. Mary Elizabeth, you have done such a great job bringing Brandy back to health and becoming a healthy,happy dog.This is what all pets should have,,,,,love!!!

Linda said...

Comment sent to me: I'm amazed every time I see pics of the Bristol 18, Brandy especially. So glad she and the babies are doing well.
(Dr. Teague's wife)

Linda said...

A comment sent by Dr. Teague: Thank you for the recognition. That truly is a night and day kind of story, wow what a change in appearance and temperament! Remember how she was so worried about her puppies, and was growling and cowering in her crate. You guys did an awesome job giving these dogs a chance at a healthy, normal life. Congrats to you!!

Linda said...

Comment from Anita at the vet:
LOVE the Westie cake!! Love the photos of Beach Bit - he is a little doll!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos of Sabre and Brandy. They look sooo happy - especially Brandy girl!!


Linda said...

Whoope-- I put that Anita was from the vet (brain blip!)-- Anita is the one responsible for helping get the Bristol 18 dogs out of the puppy mill and to us! Thank you Anita!!

emilyp said...

WOW!! I can't believe that is Brandy!! Amazing how wonderful she looks. I feel so happy seeing her like that in pictures, I can only imagine what it is like to watch her play and run around in person:) I can't wait to see the puppies tomorrow!!

Mary Elizabeth said...

Brandy is FUNNY. She loves to chase Camden (think Lion King's Nala and Simba "pinned you again" scene) and chew on his ears. She loves to be brushed and petted. (Baths, not so much!) She loves to eat and is pretty good about gently taking a treat.

She is going to make a great pet for someone. She still has some socialization needed, but considering she was in a crate about six weeks ago I am SO impressed with her progress.

She is potty trained, and I started tricks today. I think she has learned to sit. I put on the video of her puppies barking and she crowded the computer. Not sure if she knew it was them or if she just heard another dog.

Camden was not too happy to have a foster sister, but he's adjusted pretty well. (And Jeanne, he is NOT the Mr. Independent you thought he was.)