Friday, October 1, 2010


Amelia's foster parents sent toys to her and her brother Paddington, "Paddy." I think Amelia is having a grand time!
Is she reading the paper at the same time? It looks like a newspaper to me.
Did someone call me-- you're interrupting me. I'm really busy playing.
OH, this is what she's looking at. Her brother, Paddy, saw a squirrel on the ottoman. He thinks it's a real squirrel. Oh, mighty hunter!!


lady jicky said...

They are such pretty pekes Linda!

Jeanne said...

Amelia sure has blossomed into a pretty girl. I can remember when Linda and I got her out of the pound. We took her shopping with us. She has never met a stranger. It's so good to see her in her fur ever home. She has a great Mom and Dad.

Fiona Ross said...

They are pretty hilarious with those toys - it was like Christmas in our house! xoxo Fiona

Beth said...

Being the "bridge" is lots easier when it leads to a great new family like the one Paddy and Amelia now have.

emilyp said...

Beautiful!!! Paddy and Amelia look so happy:) I love when Pekes focus on something, their eyes get all big and I start to wonder what they are thinking, lol.

Karin said...

Amelia sure is enjoying that cute flamingo. Paddy looks like he loves a challenge. They both look so alert and healthy.