Sunday, July 7, 2013


 I want you to meet Linus.    He was in a shelter and has NO chance of getting out except for us.   He was matted and dirty---but what a sweetheart.
 I know what you are saying-- that's not a full Peke.   We know that now.  
 The shelter picture was taken at an angle and Linus sure looked like a Peke to me-- they also told me HE was a GIRL!    HMMMMM.   The shelter he was in was not a great one (they do have volunteers who try to get them out though, so that is great.   Rural shelters just don't have the funding to do more.).     When our volunteer went, she realized immediately that he wasn't a full Peke-- but she couldn't leave him there to go back into the shelter    Most of us who have had to go to shelters, which can be very emotional, just can't leave a dog once we are there.    Many of the volunteers cannot go into shelters for that reason-- but some of us have to.     I applaud every one of our volunteers who can do this-- I know it's hard, but when we can save a  life, it is worth it.
Linus is about 2 or 3 and a super laid back gentleman. You kind of have to squint to make him look like a Peke, but he is an awesome dog. He is blind in his right eye from untreated dry eye and will need drops in his eye daily. He is also not housebroken yet (we are working on it!)  but is really smart and has already learned how to sit. He really just wants to be with his people. He is 19 pounds. He appears to be mixed with terrier.  He is going to make someone a great companion.   He loves other dogs and is just a sweet boy!    If you would like him in your family, just let us know.    


lady jicky said...

I can see the Peke in Linus straight up!
I think he would make a fantastic family dog !! You say he is smart so he will learn to go outside Pronto for toilet stops!
The long legs and smaller back save him from Peke back problems and the longer nosal will save him from what Moi had to go through - nasal fold surgery !!
So - anyone reading this and are looking for a great family dog - Linus is your guy!
I would take him in a heart beat but I do not think he has a passport for Oz.
** I really feel for all the people who have to go or work in animal shelters - you are strong and loving people and thank God you are there to help!
I am doing a Happy Adoption Dance for Linus Linda!!!

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

What a handsome boy! Part Peke, mixed Peke...Just glad you rescued him. He will find his furever home soon.
When transporting rural shelter dogs and cats, I was told which ones to pick up. But once I got to one of the shelters, the person I was helping transport for had told them to send a few more with me. The shelter staff wanted me to go back and pick out the ones I wanted. I refused and told them to bring the ones they wanted sent with me to the lobby. I couldn't choose which animals lived and which ones were going to be PTS. So I know how tough it can be.