Saturday, July 27, 2013


 Chloe came to us from a shelter in Maryland.    She was a little testy there-- she was terrified.  But, something about her made the lady there feel she was a loving girl.   (Chloe stayed in her office instead of in the kennel, and she did great.)  
 She was fostered without other dogs because she wanted to be an only dog.    Homes for those dogs are hard to find because most applicants already have a dog.    But, Valerie, her foster mom, wasn't giving up!
 And one day, that special application came.    A wonderful couple wanted a Peke after their dog died.   She would be the only dog, the cherished family member, a "POSH POOCH."  
She is dressed up (and loves it), sleeps in the bed, included in family photos, and goes on adventures with her new mom and dad.   This just makes our day!   It's why we continue on even with those who might be a little "testy" at times.   We are so happy for Chloe!


lady jicky said...

Moi Moi and Coco are so happy to see that Chloe has a New and Wonderful home!!!

Kisses girlfriend from the girls in Australia..... Woof!

lady jicky said...

Hey --- that a Gucci or a Poochi handbag???

I want one too :(

Moi Moi


Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Great family photo! Sounds like Chloe got a great mom and dad...and is maybe just a little spoiled rotten!