Friday, July 19, 2013


 Bennett and his brother came to visit today.   PUPPY FLUFF!!  They are about 5 months old now.  
 They played and Cami-Bear wasn't sure what that was all about.  
 Cami was just neutered yesterday.   He has his Peke-friendly e-collar on and didn't feel great, but he was a good sport about all the puppy shenanigans.
 Then, he had some shenanigans himself and rolled all over the floor.  He must be feeling a little better.
 The puppies kept us all entertained!
 My Scooter loved them-- he loves all the dogs who come here.
 I think Kai Kai was afraid they were going to take him, so he sat up on the couch, just watching.
 (Here's another view of the special e-collar Cami is wearing.   It's shorter in depth, so Pekes can still eat and drink.   It won't work for eye surgeries, but is great for neuter/spay surgeries.)
 Kai Kai finally got down to come sit with me for protection-- those puppies are scary!
 Look at those fluffy butts.
 These two are just a ball of fun!
 Max wanted in, but he has a bossy side, so he just had to watch.    (He did come in for a bit, but then was banished for his behavior haha.)
 Starlight stayed under the coffee table-- safe there!
Bennett found the air conditioning vent and hung out there.   It was a fun puppy day!

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lady jicky said...

Oooo Puppies!!!

I could see my girls in the spot with Starlight actually!!! LOL