Tuesday, July 9, 2013


 Meet Oreo and Crunch.    I know you'll think Oreo is black and white-- but she's not.  She's the tan and white one.    Oreo and Crunch are older, turned into a shelter by their owner.    When they get to be seniors, I just hate to see them in shelters.  They deserve to be loved and cared for until they pass on.  
 Tiffany and Mike are fostering them and they say they are so sweet.     They had to be cut down because of matting, but like most Pekes this time of year, they like their new haircuts.
 And Oreo likes those tummy rubs!  She always has the cutest facial expressions. With her big eyes she always looks surprised.
 Crunch (black) and Oreo and very attached to each other.  We think they've been together their entire lives.      If Oreo wanders off to explors, Crunch will look for her.    
 Are you up there, Oreo?    
 They enjoy walking about in the yard or just cuddling with their foster mom and dad.  
If you have a place in your heart for these two, please let us know.    We have a special for seniors, we just want to see them safe and loved for the rest of their lives.

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lady jicky said...

I just adore these two !!!
Oh how I would love to jet them both off to my home in Australia!

You know - never be scared to take on a senior dog - they are alot easier than puppies and these two deserve to be with eachother forever !!!

Who ever adopts them together will have two loving family members for life! How wonderful for the dogs and the people :)