Wednesday, July 10, 2013


 Cici and her puppies are doing great.  They are 2 1/2 weeks old.     Their eyes are open now!  I was able to go visit them on Friday.
 Carter is very interested in them, so he'll watch them from outside the xpen.
 Cici is such a good mama.
 But, she loves to get a break, like all moms do.   Get outside and see the flowers.
 Jeanne's yard is always such a treat to see!
 Carter poses for me in front of some of the flowers.
These are a few of the people who helped with the mama and daddy before the puppies were born.
 He was one of the Bristol 18 puppies and look at him now!
 Jill Lee greets everyone who comes-- she is the sweetest girl!
 The Koil pond is fun to watch-- throw in cheerios and watch them go!
 Hello, sweet mama!
 The puppies are just curled up while we are outside.
 And then, Cici says it's time to go back in and check on them.
 This is going to be her mom!    Elise is adopting Cici and Miki-Harley.
 Wake up puppies-- time for a meal.
Are you hungry?   Maybe not! :-)

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lady jicky said...

So happy to see Cici is adopted and I hope all her puppies find loving homes too!

garden looks lovely - Oooo warmth!
Freezing here :(