Saturday, July 14, 2018


 Nala and BeeBee require a lot of monitoring.   They have been battling IMHA for almost 6 months.  They had ITP (low platelets), but have done better.  They may also have GME, which is inflammatory brain disease.  The meds we are using battle that. 
 I noticed that BeeBee's tongue was more pale than it had been last week.  She also had another break through seizure, so we needed to have her phenobarbital levels checked.   Nala decided she would ride in Beach Bit's booster seat-- it gave her a much better view of the road.
 BeeBee couldn't see a thing-- that is until she realized she could stand on her feet and look out the window AND hit the window button and WALA-- it opened!   I went into high gear to shut the window and put on the "Peke locks."   (They are really child locks, but in this case, we changed the name.)
 They both had their bloodwork done.  Later, the vet called me and the results for BeeBee were not very good.  Their bloodwork had gone down to 18 before, but with med changes, it went up to 38.  Normal is 45-50, but 38 wasn't bad.   Last week, BeeBee went down to 26 and then 24.  This week, she was at 16-- it was getting too low.  Nala went down to 32, so not as bad.  We are closely monitoring both.    We are increasing BeeBee's meds to try to battle this horrible disease.   IMHA is a horrible disease and so many die, but we've been trying to save them.   We keep trying.   We are not going to extremes-- no transfusions this time.  (We did this with Lexie four years ago-- but ultimately, if a dog cannot reproduce her own red blood cells, the transfusion only buys a little time.  BeeBee has consistently been "non-regenerative" but we've been trying to "kick her into" it with meds.) 
The Sisters are so attached to each other-- and when we got home, they laid down together, Nala's head on her sister's back.  It was a precious sight.  I hope they won't lose one another.  💗

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LadyJicky said...

Peke locks on!!!

I do hope the girls rally ... they just love each other.