Saturday, May 7, 2016


 Daisy came into rescue last summer, in July.
 She arrived with her sister, Roxy, who was adopted.  They weren't very bonded, so they were fine to go to different homes.  Her foster mom, Sherry was part of Daisy's journey, bringing her to health and then letting her go to a new home-- fostering is tough, but it's so worth it!!    (I know Daisy will always be in her heart.)
 She was fostered with Joyful-- and here is Joyful in her new sweatshirt.  (I just thought I'd throw in a picture of her!)
 Daisy was a sweet girl and she was ready for a home.
 We had a wonderful application for her, so I brought her to my home to begin a very early drive to the picnic last Saturday.   She met Max and Chumley.   They were very interested in her!
 She roamed my yard and wagged her tail.
 She walked around and met the rest of my gang.
 Floyd wanted to meet her-- he is a sweet boy and loves new people and dogs who come.
 We drove to the picnic-- a long drive, but Daisy was so good!  
 Her new mom came to meet her and adopt her and take her home.   It was love at first sight!
I have talked to Daisy's new mom several times this week-- and Daisy is doing so well!!   She loves her new brother, Ming, and her "cousin" Sybil, who she visits every day.   Sybil, Ming and Daisy are together often, and if one mom goes on an errand, the dogs visit the other home.  So, Daisy is with someone all the time.   She had an afternoon curled up on a lap, and loved it.  Daisy is loved by many!  We're so glad you have a forever home!

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lady jicky said...

Oh what marvelous news for sweet Daisy ..... I am so glad she was adopted and what a lovely family she has found !!!