Monday, September 26, 2016


 Bentley was at my vet's open house at their Great Bridge office.
 It's a small office that my vet has added as a satellite location.   It has been a veterinary office for many years and now it is one we can go to, connected to all that the  main office offers in vet care (except for some surgeries).  
 Dr. Tonka is the office cat and he is ready for patients!
 There was a bakery table-- just for dogs.   Blind Dog Bakery makes treats for dogs.  If you want more information, you can email Kerri Killion at  
 There were big and small dogs there-- this Bassett just made me laugh every time he barked.  WOOF!
 There was a kissing booth there!
 Floyd went.  I carried him or let him be in his stroller.   He had a seizure that morning so I didn't want him stressed.  
 Bentley, Bradley and PVPC alumni Lu were there.  
 Do you have anything?   I know there are treats somewhere.
 AWE-- James brought treats from the Blind Dog Bakery and shared them with all the Pekes.

We had a lot of fun!
Rescue friends Rainbow Rescue were there.   
 Lu was having a great time!.   That's Dr. Meador and Beach Bit in the background.   He had so much fun!!
 Bradley, there's a water bowl there.  
 And inside, there was food!  Sandwiches, snacks, cookies, and drinks.  
 Here's the waiting room.
 Bettina is one of our FAVORITE techs!!  My Starlight adores her!   Floyd likes her, too.
 The xray machine was in use!
 The kennel had visitors-- stuffed ones!
 And the operating room had a patient (Beach Bit loved this!).  (A stuffed animal with the game "Operation" on top.)
 If you want to friend our satellite branch, you can.   (I call it "mine" because I've been using Acredale Vets for a very long time.)
Bentley loved it, too.   We had a wonderful time there!

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LadyJicky said...

A wonderful time had by all I can see!!!!