Wednesday, September 7, 2016


 Coco and her mom, Melinda, post on my blog every day.   I look forward to every comment.  They have been emailing me (well, Melinda has) to get updates on Jeanne.  
 It's the end of winter there, so they still have their fireplace going occasionally.  Spring is on the way though!
 Coco knows how much Jeanne loves gardening.   So, she told her mom to send some pictures.
 The winter can be desolate-- we all know that.  
 There are many things that bloom just in the winter.  This red camellia is calling the Bob Hope.
 Aren't they beautiful.
 This one is so pretty!
 The daffodils have been blooming.
 This is a flowering cherry out front.   Do you have these, Jeanne?
 More daffodils...
 Coco is not really impressed-- she is more concerned about staying warm!  She found a sun patch!
 I think this is the Golden Ash-- but Jeanne would know.  
 Little violets are flowering all over.
 Beautiful little Coco is posing with an orchid her mom grew.   She wants Jeanne to know that prayers are coming from Australia for her!
People all over the world are loving on Jeanne through their prayers and thoughts!

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LadyJicky said...

Coco and I are sending love and prayers to you Jeanne!
We wish we could walk you around our back yard and talk "Peke" and gardening.
Yes Linda...that is a Golden Ash tree.
Kisses to you Jeanne and Linda from Coco and I :)