Thursday, September 22, 2016


Yesterday was a long day-- Do you have days like that?   And then you look at a picture and it just brightens your day?   I was looking at pictures I had, and even though there were some stressors in the day, I had to smile.   Best friends, Doolin and Gizzy,  made me smile after the "day."  They are such good friends. 
Even in a stressful day, friends help you get through it.   Right now, friends are what is holding our rescue together-- we are going through some tough times, but friends can lean on each other (just like Doolin and Gizzy are doing), we can make each other smile, we can support each other.   We are all trying to do that for Jeanne.   So, thank you to Jeanne for still being encouraging, to Ida, Paula and Fiona for helping in rescue and for all of you who have encouraged us, loved Jeanne and been there in the daily struggle.   You are the best!  (And thank you, Paula, for the visit-- it was great!)

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LadyJicky said...

You are all fabulous people !
Rescue is so much work and worry but what a joy it is when a dog is taken away , fed and had his health checked ... this is a lot of work I know but I bet its all worth it when that sad dog is adopted and now ... starts to have a wonderful life like all dogs should... but , this takes Energy , Money and lots of Helpers!!!!
I do hope you get more helpers as I know time is tight at the rescue.