Monday, December 12, 2016


 If you're on facebook, you've probably seen "Lil' Cali Gurl, in a Cali World."
 She's a beautiful Peke, full of smiles!   She entered a calendar contest and WON!!  
 She wrote a message on facebook that said, "Hi furiends! Sorry on late just got home! Well WE did it! I cant tank yall e-nuff! Sekond year of try~n dis one and I made it tanks to all of yall! Our prize will be sent directly to  Potomac Valley Pekingee Club to use az day pleaze and I get to be in a calendar and add dis to my model~n resoomay ~giggles~ az alwayz tank you fur port~n me and our crazy idears! Lubs each and ebery one of you bunches! Nighters! <3 span=""> Cali MFASOYP xo"
 I am so amazed by our incredible supporters who help us to take care of the foster Pekingese that we have.    Li' Cali Gurl is one of those-- and her mom, too!! :-)
 Lil' Cali Gurl is a big Alabama fan.  
 Her facebook page shows magnificent pictures of this beautiful girl.  
 I like her advice-- a smile can soften so many situations!   And sometimes, in rescue, when we are having a rough time, a smile can really help.
 Thank you, Lil' Cali Gurl, for helping us-- I know it brings joy to you and so many.
 Your sweet smile can brighten the day!
Thank you-- we love you!
Linda Maxwell/blogger