Saturday, June 23, 2018


Gus was one of Jeanne's foster dogs--- and a very special one.
Gus came to us in terrible shape, skin a mess, fleas...
With the care and love that Jeanne gave him, he healed and was adopted.
A few years ago, Jeanne was able to see him at the picnic-- and love on him all over again.
Gus' mom checks in on Jeanne a lot, sending her pictures of Gus. 
Gus loves Mama Jeanne!

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LadyJicky said...

Dear Gus - he is looking so great now .
What a fabulous Mum he has and she checks on Jeanne ( Gus's past Mum - that there boy has two Mum's I guess! )

I am thinking of you Jeanne and you are always in my prayers.

Big Woof from Coco (who is not talking to me as she had her dental on Friday and she is not happy!LOL )