Friday, August 23, 2013


 Stephanie is mom to Bear-Bear and Yo-Yo.  
 Bear-Bear is just 8 years old, and Yo-Yo is 16.    Aren't they beautiful.
 Yo-Yo has had some restlessness at night, wandering in circles, and was diagnosed with cognitive disfunction/doggy dementia.    He is on meds (Anipryl) and is doing much better.    He is also on Benazepril for blood pressure stabilizing.    I love our older dogs-- I have a few myself now.   They do sometimes need special care-- but they're worth it!
 Stephanie loves her boys!
 Bear-Bear was adopted from a shelter 7 years ago at one year of age, and he's had a great life with his mom and with Yo-Yo.
 I love the ears flying and the running gait--
 Bear-Bear had a crises.    He had a herniated disc in his back and stayed at the vet for the first critical 24 hours.     He continued to recuperate at home, and had laser and physical therapy,   His mom had hoped he would regain use of his back legs, but he hasn't.    She decided he would do great with wheels.    Stephanie contacted and they made a cart just for Bear-Bear.
  The carts really do improve the dog's quality of life.   Most of us never think our dogs will need one, but it's good to know a good company if we do need one for our dogs.   They run $300 to $400, depending on the size of your dog.
Bear-Bear has his new wheels and is ready to go.   Stephanie put videos on our facebook, and Bear-Bear is doing great!      We're so happy for him-- and his mom and brother!

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Such a loving and kind family !!!!!