Thursday, August 22, 2013


 Pandy came to me as a foster dog in 2004.    She was at least 5 years old then, so she's at least 14 now-- probably older.  
 She was in a rural shelter in Maryland and we thought she was a Peke from the pictures they sent.  
 But, we got her and looked at those ears-- one up and one down!
 My daughter fell in love with Pandy-- Pandy had been my mom's companion here at my house.  
 So, Pandy stayed with my daughter and became her girl.
 Pandy has gotten older-- she has a lot of gray on her face.
 She's still a bit of a rascal-- but she can be sweet most of the time.   Like a Peke, she can have her "moments."     (Gee, so can I!)
Pandy wanted me to show you her haircut and bows.  She went to the groomer and was such a good girl!  Wow, we were all very proud of her!     You look beautiful, Pandy!


lady jicky said...

We love your bows Pandy!!!

special kisses from your Aussie girlfriends XXXX

Ginkgo's Daddy said...

Pandy looks great after her Spa Day! Surely this little fur baby isn't a little rascal. Does Pandy have a Pekitude? Yes, dogs and humans can have their "moments!"