Thursday, August 1, 2013


 Sweet Maxwell was one of our foster dogs and he was adopted by Lisa and Andy when they lived in Blacksburg, Va    They also adopted Tyler, and they all moved to California.    Maxwell was so loved by Lisa and Andy-- in fact, they loved these two so much, that they began to rescue other Pekes and small dogs in California.   They formed the Click here: A & A Pekingese Rescue and have saved so many others, who like Max, just needed help and love and homes.
  • Lisa wrote this:  "Today, Andy and I euthanized our beloved dog Max. We adopted him as a senior from Potomac Valley Pekingese Rescue. Thank you so much, Linda Maxwell, for allowing us the privilege of being his caretakers for an additional 7 years. He was the love of my life; in addition to his many accomplishments, he once bit Andy's annoying know-it-all uncle, for which I will be forever grateful. He was exquisitely beautiful, and he loved me more than anything in the world. Before we went to the vet, we sat in the morning sun in the garden, and then we had lunch together, and he polished off an entire bacon cheeseburger and half a 10-piece Chicken McNugget. WIthout Max, we never would have started rescuing dogs. No Max, No Pekingese Army. I could never thank him enough for all the friendship and inspiration.:
    I'm so grateful to Lisa and Andy, who gave Maxwell such an incredible home.   You are free, now little man!    Run and play!   Farewell, Maxwell.  (This is Maxwell with his best friend, Tyler, also adopted from us.)


Doris Sturm said...

I'm very sorry to hear that, but his appetite was healthy...???

Paladin2010 said...

He left this world happy for knowing you and love.

lady jicky said...

I am so sorry to read this ... we send our love from Australia to you.

Nicky said...

What a special and adored little guy. I am so sorry. Kim

Tracey said...

Sending love and a few tears from Virginia. What a loved little man, Maxwell was. And, what blessings he has brought to his family and so many more rescued Peke's. What a legacy has has left behind. Farewell Maxwell!