Thursday, August 15, 2013

YODA/Cowboy Opie

 Yoda came into rescue in July 2012-- he was from a rural shelter and desperately needed rescue.  
 Here he was (after a bath) when we got him-- thin, hair not in good shape, a bit lackluster.   Without proper nutrition, Pekes' coats can be dull and brittle, their personalities subdued because they just don't have enough to go on.     But, underneath all that was a happy boy just waiting to emerge.
 Yoda (with his friend Phoebe) loves his walks and has become so affectionate.   He sleeps on his mom's pillow!  (He gives her a corner of it.)     His family can't imagine why someone gave him up (or abandoned him) because he has filled their lives with such joy every day.   Like me, his mom and dad adore the seniors.
Phoebe is hiding here under a pillow during a thunderstorm-- I'm sure her big brother, Yoda, is protecting her from harm.      Yoda sure ended up with an incredible family-- two legged and four legged alike!

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lady jicky said...

What a lovely story and I think Yoda and Phoebe look like they came from the same litter!!!

Hey - they were meant to be brother and sister :)

So glad you rescued this guy and I bet his loving family are too Linda!