Monday, October 6, 2014


 This is the month for change!   Change for Change-- (Sweet Chompers above)
 Schmoo is running to get his change I'm sure!  
 Kody says, "Save your change for the month of October and send it to your favorite charity."  Of course, we hope that is us!
 Abner, do you have a little piggy bank to collect change at the airport-- it's a great idea. :-)
 Biscuit, no, we are not collecting toys.  We're collecting money. :-)
 Cappy is rolling over with excitement at all the change we will be saving.
 Chacha and Poncho have gone through a big change in their lives (being saved from a shelter) and I'm sure they are dreaming about that change!
 Chumley, my SWEET foster, is all for "CHANGE."    He was saved because of people's generosity to send in donations so he could have surgery.  
 Lexie knows that "Change" saved her and continues to help her.    She is fighting hemolytic anemia and doing well.   Her last numbers weren't as good, so we are making some changes (there's that word again)  in her medications.  We are hoping for the best.
Kai Kai (my foster failure) says, "Come on!  Send us your change so we can keep helping needy Pekingese."  I agree!   Thanks to all who help us!

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This is a great idea !