Monday, October 13, 2014


 Starlight was turned into rescue when she was 3 1/2 years old in 2008.
 She had been kept in a crate in a room with no windows.   She couldn't see anything.    
 When I got her, she had double ear infections with limited hearing.  (Imagine how she felt in that dark room, not seeing anything, hearing very little, confined to that small crate.)   She had 3 ear procedures and can now hear just fine.    (Just start moving some food dishes and see how fast she comes!)
 She had eye surgery, nose surgery.   She had a bladder infection-- she had been eating kibbles and bits.    Any dog food that has a lot of color in it probably has loads of artificial dye in it.   Kibbles and Bits and Beneful are on my list as two of the worst foods ever.
 For some reason, Starlight trusted my husband and me right away.   But, anyone that came to meet her was NOT to be trusted, she decided.   She sabotaged any adoption chance.  (Just ask Joshua's mom!)
 She did NOT want to leave us.
 She would sit calmly on Matt's lap and read the paper with him.   I'm surprised she didn't ask for coffee!
 She helped me do the dishes.  
 She just wanted to be held.
 She has her own private dining room!
Starlight just turned ten years old.  She doesn't look it.     She obviously decided a long time ago that this was her forever home.     HAPPY BIRTHDAY, STARLIGHT!


Toni Davis said...

Happy Birthday Starlight!

lady jicky said...

Happy Birthday pretty, pretty girl!!!!

from your Aussie friends :)