Sunday, October 19, 2014


We had our October Peke meeting at Jeanne's house in Richmond yesterday.   Tiffany, Beth and I drove up together.  Of course, it was quiet in the car the entire way-- NOT!    We had a great time talking.
 Hannah, Chumley and Sassy (I think) were meeting each other.
 I love Jeanne's garden-- beautiful flowers, statues, water features, dogs....
 Sassy was so good with everyone.  (I get Sassy and Lucy mixed up-- they are both beautiful.)
 Lucy was a sweet heart!
 Marshall was a "melt  in your heart" dog-- he is SO sweet!!
 They were  snuggly with us all.
 Didi, Jeanne's heart dog, was resting on the steps.
 There were flavored waters and tea to drink-- and lots of food-- and CHEESECAKE!
Chumley went with me and kept begging for my food.  I see your pathetic face.   Won't work.  It's my cheesecake.   Look for more tomorrow on the meeting!   It was a great day!  Thanks, Jeanne, for opening your home to us!

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lady jicky said...

Did someone say - Cheesecake???