Tuesday, October 28, 2014


 Marshall found his forever home at the meeting we had at Jeanne's house.
 His new mom had come to meet Chumley-- but she fell in love with Marshall instead.  Chumley is fine here-- can you tell haha.
 Marshall  felt perfectly relaxed with his new mom.
 He is such a beautiful boy and has come through so much-- two knee surgeries and a hip surgery.  His amazing spirit never wavered-- he kept on to he could heal.  
 He rode to his new home with Biscuit, his new brother.   (Oh, the look on his face-- that breaks our hearts as we send them on, but then we can help another.  And we know they'll be just fine, too.)
 Marshall fit in right away.    He acts like he has lived there forever.
 He loves his new beds-- well,some are his brother's, but Biscuit is sharing.
 Look at the smile on his face.
 He is so happy with his new family.
And now, I think he's going to take a nap.    We're so glad you have such a wonderful new home!  Love you, Marshall!

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lady jicky said...

Oh boy Linda ... that Marshall was meant to be at his new house!!!

OMG .... you can just tell it!!! :)