Saturday, April 23, 2016


 Digger  came into rescue with Kacey and Tink-- we think they may be his parents.   Digger is 3 years old.
 My daughter and her family met Jeanne to pick up Digger.  
 My daughter was raised with Pekes (of course she was!), and both her Pekes, Wicket and Lottie, had passed away.   She has an old Shepherd-Lab mix, Pi, and a Chocolate Lab, Gigi-- but she sure missed her Pekes.
 So, when the three Pekes came into rescue, she volunteered to foster one.
 They live on a farm, so the first order of business was to make sure Digger had a secure place to run around outside.  The farm is 15 acres, and they decided not to fence it all-- LOL.  
Trips to the hardware store were in order and they got the fence up.    
Digger is already loved a lot there.   HMMM, I wonder if he'll stay.  :-)   He's a sweet boy.   They have come to spend the week-end and I'm getting to know him, too.   It will be a Camp Runamuck house this week-end,  small dogs, big dogs, bits all over.   I love it!!


lady jicky said...

You know what I think Linda ???

I bet Digger will stay !

* Its ANZAC Day holiday here .....( like your Memorial Day) when we remember our people who went off to war.
ANZAC is -- Australian and New Zealand Army Corps.

So .... what do you call a Australian soldier??? Its a DIGGER !!!

Lost Earring said...

I love Digger's story and I especially love the continuing story of The Adventures At Camp Runamuck .