Friday, April 8, 2016


 Sneaky Wu -- Wu-- came into rescue in 2012, almost 4 years ago.  He came from a shelter.   His owner had turned him in-- and they had a history of turning in dogs.   (And they just kept getting more.)
 Wu spent time with Roger and Lucinda.
 And he had a blast!   Dollar was his running buddy.
 Yes, I'm talking about you!
 He was adopted quickly and went to a friend who loves Pekes and has had several of them.
 Wu's mom is a Peke story writer!   I have her books.
 Wu loves his home-- he poses for Easter.
 He watches the snow in the winter.
 He celebrates his birthday.
 He also has a beach house!!   (Well, his mom does.)
 He loves to go there and enjoy the sand and sun.
Yes, he came from being given up to a home where he is loved a lot!  That's what we want for all of them.   Love you, Wu!!

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lady jicky said...

I just love that Sneaky Wu Wu and what a fabulous life he has now! Yeah.

*Linda ....why do people get a dog and then just give them up and do it all over again ? Oh yesssss - they love puppies!
There is a spot in hell for those people!!!