Sunday, April 10, 2016


 We just took in 3 dogs from a Virginia shelter.   They were turned in by the owner because she had too many dogs. (She was told to turn in some of her dogs.)  The condition of her home was horrific.   I don't know how people can live in filth, but some do.   Kacey, above, is 9 years old and about 19 pounds-- and he is very sweet.
 Tink is a 7 year old female and she has been bred a lot.   Now, she can have a normal life of love and care.
 All these dogs were fed cat food (yes, cat food!) and they were filthy and smelled awful.   Time and good food will get their systems back in order.  They are all sweet and we want to find them homes where they will be cherished.
 Digger was the 3 year old in this group.   He is about 14 pounds, and a happy boy.  He was a stud dog.
My daughter's two Pekes have passed away, so she offered to foster this adorable boy.   See more on him tomorrow!!   I'm so glad these three are safe!

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lady jicky said...

Oh my gosh ...... I am so glad you have them now Linda! What BEAUTIFUL Pekingese they are and to look after them that way........

You know ..... the Pekingese Picnic is coming and I hope some people come along and enquire about those 3 delightful Pekes!