Wednesday, April 26, 2017


 Beau lives in NC with his friends.  He came into rescue with his friend Pop (Lolli-Pop) over five years ago.  When I looked it up, I was so surprised it has already been five years!
 Domino and Tori are two of them-- small and big.  They all love it there.
Baby Girl is there with Beau, also, while she is being fostered and given medical care.   
 Pop and Beau were found wandering on the road near me and ended up in a shelter.  I'm so glad they stayed together.
 Teddy goes on vacation with his moms when they go to the beach.  He loves it!!  
 Tina was adopted after they fostered her.  Can it be almost two years!?   She brought so much joy to the house, they decided to keep her.
 Domino found a tent to hang out in. lol
 Yes, I'm talking about you sweet boy.  Domino was adopted when his moms said, "Give us the hardest dog you have."  Domino was it.  He is doing great now with all the love he's received.
They celebrate all the dogs' birthdays.  Hats, cake... it's a celebration!  Tina loved her party.
Maggie thinks she has the best parents-- and she does.  They are heroes, just like the owners in yesterday's blog.   There are many heroes in rescue-- I just want you to know some of them.  


LadyJicky said...

They are all so sweet and I do like Tina in her party hat!!!

Lost Earring said...

I love and enjoy Must Love Pekes stories every day. Seeing the babies rescued by Linda and her group gives me hope for the human world.

Someone (not a friend) told me that knowing the given names of twenty or more dogs along with their life stories is not a normal thing. I beg to is normal.