Monday, April 17, 2017


 Lucky came into rescue earlier this month.   He was underweight, and needed help, but he was so sweet!
 He has a Peke face, but something else is in his body-- whatever it is, it is cute!!
 After traveling through two temporary foster homes, he landed in his foster home with Sherry.  Lucky broke the record on applications, I think.  We received seven applications for him!   WOW.   Something about that face just grabbed people's heart.    
 It grabbed his foster mom's heart, too.   After a short time there, she decided she would adopt him.
 He has discovered that if he walks on the window ledge, he can peek around the curtains.   The cats are a little put off because this is their spot!  haha  
 Sherry calls him her "sweet mess."    I think we would all agree that he is one sweet boy!!  

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LadyJicky said...

Well .... Lucky was lucky with Sherry! Congrats to you both!!!! :)