Thursday, April 13, 2017


 Kai Kai and Max hang out together a lot.   I don't know if it's intentional or Kai Kai just happens to end up near him.
 Max is going on 14 and Kai Kai will be 12 soon.  Both older boys.  My house is full of seniors-- Kai Kai is the youngest.
 Kai Kai lost his eyes a year ago due to cataracts and glaucoma.  Four surgeries and lots of medication did not work for him.  It's rare for those surgeries to not work.   So, if your dog has one of these issues, they will probably do fine.
 Kai Kai has a stroller if we go somewhere.
 He is fine in the car with  his seat belt on.
 He does not mind if others hang out with him.   Furby climbed right into the bed with him.
 Furby has limited sight, so I stay in his range of vision.  He's deaf, so he relies on his one "good" eye to know where I am.    Kai Kai gets to hear lots of leg slapping and clapping to know where I am.
Starlight and Chumley (he was off playing with his toy) are here, but Starlight thinks the whole house belongs to her, so I don't know if she's Kai Kai's friend haha.
 Kai Kai loves to hang out in the yard when I'm out there.  He loves the feel of the sunshine.  Like it or not, he is my heart dog-- that is not fair to have a favorite, but it's a fact here.  I just love this dog.  (Don't worry, I love the all.)
And here he is with Max again-- and Furby and Floyd (my fosters) in the background.  I have so many "handicapped" dogs here, but we manage.  And they all do great together.

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LadyJicky said...

Love reading your post about the seniors in your family today Linda.
I understand about Kai Kai being your favourite ... Moi Moi was mine.
I love Coco and I only have her now but .... there is something about Moi that ... well - she was my "heart dog" I guess and you just cannot change it.

Having my family over tomorrow as its Good Friday. Coco will not be pleased as the grand kids are too much for her.