Wednesday, April 19, 2017


 Furby has been here almost a month.  Hard to believe!
 He has adjusted well and is getting better each day.  His skin is healing, his eyes are so much better.  His ears are almost normal!!   He will have his dental tomorrow and I can't wait to see his teeth all clean and shiny!
 Starlight hopes he finds his own home soon, though.
 He has taken over her bouncy seat!
 He loves it and goes right to it! (It's upside down.)
 But, more than the bouncy seat, he loves Sugar Bit's dad!  WHY???
 Jeremy came over to get Beach Bit for his baseball practice.  And he did not take Furby with him.  (Of course, he never does haha.)  But, Furby kept looking for him.
 "Where did he go?"
 They both looked for him.  Whenever Jeremy is here, Furby wants to get on his lap, or be near him.  Amazing.
 "Don't worry Furby-- he'll be back?"
 He's still looking.
And so is Sugar Bit!

1 comment:

LadyJicky said...

Perhaps someone who was male in Furby's life was kind to him and that is why he is seeking him out I wonder?

I believe Starlight is scouting males on "adopt a dog" sites so she can off-load Furby and get her bouncy thingy back!!! LOL

*Ooooo - Starlight must be "in a mood" when her bouncy thing its occupied by Furby!!! LOL