Thursday, January 12, 2023



Bogie joined his family over a year ago.  I sure loved this boy but we can’t keep them all.    His family has adopted seven from us.  Wow! 
He joined Sugar.   She came into rescue in 2010.  She was with three others and was quickly adopted.   She is a spirited girl so she allows males in her home— but no other females.   Bossy! 
Peanut was in a shelter in 2015.   His skin was awful so no one would adopt him.   He came to rescue and was fostered by Bogie’s mom and dad.  He stayed. ❤️
Daniel came into rescue in 2021.   He was young but something was wrong.  Bogies family fostered him.  But, he began having severe seizures and there was nothing that could stop them.   His dad told him he was adopted before he let him go.    I knew this family but special but at that point, I knew just how special they were. 
You know Bogie came in with the Potomac Six.  He was adorable. He wanted to boss Paddington and Paddington wanted to boss Bogie.  Lol 
Sugar and Pete — Pete came into rescue in 2014 I think.   He was precious and loved “his kids.”  
Pete passed away in 2021.  He left having been loved deeply. 
Shark was rescued in 2009.   His was their best boy.  His name did not match his temperament—pure sweetness. 
Ralo joined the family of Sugar and Bogie before Christmas.   He is older and is cherished along with each Peke they have had.   Bogie is jealous but he will realize Ralo is no competition.  There is love for all.  
Have you adopted multiple Pekes from us?   Share them with me. 

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LadyJicky said...

What a wonderful family this is to adopt so many Peke's Linda.

They are Pekingese Angels!!!