Thursday, January 26, 2023


January 24 was "CHANGE A PET'S LIFE DAY."   So many of you HAVE changed a pet's life.   And I wanted to share some pictures that you posted.  
Lex and...
Dallas are still available for adoption.   Rescue has helped them so much-- but they want to be adopted as a pair, and we want that, too.    They are really sweet boys!!
Muffie came to us and what a difference rescue has made for her.  She had never been cared for-- so we began the process.  She had to have two mammary surgeries.   She had one dental, but has to go to a specialist for the rest of her dental.    Never having care had resulted in mouth infections that took a toll on her mouth.  Mouth infections can also cause heart issues.  
Francey now Sushi is about to be adopted.   She just has to finish her spay which is next week.  
Yogi was Sushi's owner's previous Peke-- also adopted from us.   He passed away after a stroke and now Sushi is mending his mom's heart.  
Sweet Tater has a second dental on the bottom of her mouth soon.  Then, she'll be ready for adoption in February.  She is so sweet!!
Simon and his sister...
Bella were adopted in 2017.   They were so sweet and their owner is just crazy about them!!   
Later, Winston and Gizmo joined the family.   Their mom (and her daughter) have adopted Pekes from us and are such great people!  
Lady and Louie -- both PVPC alumni.   Yes, a difference was made in their lives.   And their mom is my friend.   I have made such wonderful friends through rescue.  
You all know Tuk Tuk-- "THE TUK"-- he's joy wrapped up in a little body.
His brother Granger is a sweetheart, too.  Just not as exuberant!    It would be hard to be more exuberant than Tuk Tuk.
Harvard and his brother... 
And Jake were all PVPC alumni.   Their lives were changed-- and so were the lives of the people who adopted them.   💞
Lil Man is living in Richmond now.   Oh, he loves his daddy!
There are so many more whose lives have been changed.  And so many of you have been the change makers!    Thank you!   

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LadyJicky said...

Lets hope more people can Change a Pets Life..... I am doing my adoption dance right now for them all ... across the world !!!