Sunday, August 30, 2009

Diane's Pekes-- Part Two!

Here are more pictures of Diane's dog-- I couldn't resist sharing more of them.
This is known as Pantyhose Tag-- they have a pair of Diane's pantyhose and took it out into the yard. Yes, dogs do this! I have one dog who pushed one of my under clothes off the edge of the balcony-- I came home and there it was for all to see! Dogs do the funniest things.
Here's Punkin again. I think they wonder why we take so many pictures-- but how can we resist when they're so photogenic.

This is sweet Megan. I have a daughter named Meghann-- different spelling. I love the name! I love my other daughter's name, too-- Molly!!! :-) Don't want her to feel slighted! (My husband's name is Matt-- sounds like we were on an "M" roll, doesn't it! Wasn't planned at all!)
What a sweet face!
This one is called "Group Meeting!" All three had nailed a dragonfly-- and then didn't know what to do with it. I think I'll call it "Fluffy Butts." That's all you can see!
The top picture is Diane's dad with Maxxie and his mom Punkin. Megan couldn't stand it, so she came over to get some attention, too.
I know some of the pictures are "off-kilter" since I'm learning this scanning thing. I know, come into the 21st century, Linda. I'll get there. But, I don't think I'll ever twitter-- haha


Jeanne said...

Great photos. Beautiful pekes.
Linda you are doing a great job.....You can teach me next....


Linda said...


lady jicky said...

Oh those are beautiful fluffy butted pekes!

My Kenzo sneeked under my drying rack , took my most expensive and new bra - then Chewed it to bits!!!
I screamed when I saw it the next day. Baaaaaaad.