Sunday, August 2, 2009


After I returned from my trip, the dogs were so excited to see me. But, sometimes, they like you to PAY for leaving them. Maggie was one of those dogs! She initially was esctatic to see me. But, then, I PAID. For a day.
Then, she decided she forgave me. And she wanted to play. There were dinner dishes all over, but playing was more important. I heard the camera "click." I knew my husband was photographing parts of my anatomy I would prefer he did NOT take pictures of. Oh well.
Playing with Maggie was more important than my vanity. And she was playing! Charging to the family room, then flying back to play some more.
Scooter (at the top) and Max were intrigued. They wanted to play,, too! Maggie did not want to share her playtime.
But, Scooter insisted on being part of it. He is such a good dog.
So, I petted him in front of me, and played with Starlight at the same time. Oh, the wonderful things we foster moms can do. Aren't you amazed!
Starlight watched from under the kitchen table. She was not about to get into that rumpus!


lady jicky said...

Starlight and Moi could be "best girlfriends" they both like to sit back and watch all the commotion. I can see them saying to eachother "I mean , Really!" and thumb their noses in the air.

Oh Linda - honestly I think that is what darn husbands do --- get that bloody camera out when you are looking shabby. Now, if you were going out , dressed up to the nines and hair done etc - those bums would NEVER get the darn camera out!!! LOL

Karin said...

It's so cute when they get that burst of energy and fly around the house at lightning speed. Especially pekes remind me of that clay-mation kids program they had on television a long time ago with a clay dog whose long fur covered his eyes.
Husbands are so funny when taking pictures, aren't they? We make sure everything is in it's place, it doesn't matter to them.

Anonymous said...

I miss you my friend....