Saturday, August 1, 2009

Starlight at the Farm

As I mentioned in yesterday's blog, I had to leave Starlight at the Farm while I was gone on vacation. She has "issues" and I didn't want my housesitter to have to deal with them. I wasn't sure how Starlight would do, but I knew my daughter could handle her.

I arrived to pick up Starlight and there were the grandgirls, playing. There is an amazing amount of things kids can do on a farm. They were digging rocks!
Look at those curls!! They are so different-- brown-eyed strawberry blond, and one who is blond with almost ocean blue eyes. I LOVE MY GRANDGIRLS!
Lottie, a farm Peke :-), came to greet us.
Wicket just hung out. Lottie and Wicket are my Scooterbug's parents. Wicket loves the farm!
I took Starlight's xpen, her blankets, and toys, and dishes. And some meds if she had a hard time. (For Starlight, not my daughter!)
Does Starlight LOOK like she is having a rough time??? NO. She's kissing my youngest granddaughter! I know everyone is shocked by this! Starlight has such a reputation-- and her nickname is "baby cujo." (A friend emailed me and said, "I think that Starlight is VERY SMART. She knows that if MOPPY"S girls like her then Moppy will be happy and Starlight will be happy too. As for all these other creatures, she will just be her lovely baby Cujo.")
And here she is kissing my oldest granddaughter!
Starlight LOVED to be on walks with the kids. Even the youngest was able to walk Starlight around the farm. Starlight would love to go on walks all the time. But, with multiple dogs, it's just not an easy thing to do. We have a big fenced yard, but the Farm is better!!
Starlight is glad to be home though. But, she'll go back with me to the Farm whenever she has the chance!

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Anonymous said...

I find it amazing, and every bit lovely, that StarLight has such a soft spot for your beautiful g.daughters :)