Saturday, April 17, 2010

Bath Day

I was wandering in the yard, looking at the beautiful azaleas. My yard is NOTHING like Jeanne's yard, but I still enjoy the brief glimpses of color we have in the spring. The azaleas are all beautiful.
The oak pollen is NOT my favorite-- it gets caught in Pekingese tails and comes into the house. But,hanging on the small bird feeder, it's almost pretty. Like art.
Then, I had to get down to business. All the dogs needed a bath. I do it myself, like most of you. (But, I'm not good at nail trimming-- maybe Louise, our president of the club, can give me tips.)

So, I got out the baby gate to close off the deck and began. The dogs think they are in some kind of pergatory when I do this-- they get all wet and can't go in the yard to roll away and get dirty again. Oh, well.
Ty doesn't know what's coming. But, he will! They all had baths, six in a row. When it's nice and warm, I can just put them on the deck to begin drying and go to the next one. Then, they can all be blown-dry after all the baths are done and since the warm air does part of the job, it doesn't take so long. Scooter puts on a real show after his bath: Click here: YouTube - scooterbath
One by one, the towels line the deck rail to dry. Ty is checking it out.
Six of them -- count them.
And after the bath and blow-dries are done, Max poses for me.
Caleb is exploring the deck, his little beautiful self.
Cranberry is thinking of going inside and Ty is watching me.
Yes, he is.
Then, he goes to lay down and take a nap-- baths are tough! Max is already in "his spot" in the corner.
Caleb is sacked out in the kitchen behind the door screen. If you don't have one of these, get one! The dogs can just walk through it and the bugs stay out. The other day, a bird flew in the kitchen! It saw me and flew out-- thank goodness! The door screen went right up-- it was in storage in the garage.
Beautiful Cranberry is just glad the baths are done! And after I finished, I just sat on the deck and vegged. And this is what I saw looking up-- the wind was blowing in the trees and I could just enjoy the beauty around me-- nature and my Pekingese. Click here: YouTube - windblowing


lady jicky said...

Isn't bath time a "production"!!
Your Scooter would love the company of Kenzo - he makes such a fuss like that too.. Moi just sits. "its over and thank god for that"- you can see in her eyes!
Today was a warm autumn day so I just washed their bedding - that was "stinky" but they were not.
I have to say - a warm breeze sure dries the doggies off! :)
Your azelea's look lovely. I stopped growing them for I just got this redmite all the time and it sure made them look shocking. Yours are lovely Linda!!! Enjoy your Spring!

cby said...

Bath Time is the curse and blessing for Pekes. Everyone dreads it, but boy is everyone beautiful and happy when they are clean! There is nothing more beautiful than flowing skirts and tails. Well, maybe your azaleas!
At least your boys and girl have their Spa Day in a beautiful environment. Mine has the laundry room. The 40/40 apres bath dash down our long hall is hilarious. Think of Scooter, but with a gallop. LOL

Karin said...

All I have to say is, "Thank heaven for groomers!!" That is a lot of work! My three just got their summer cuts yesterday.
Your pekes look content and relaxed now that bathtime is over.
I think you have a beautiful flower garden.