Friday, April 9, 2010

MoiMoi/Australian Peke

Remember all the pink bed stories? Lilly Faith (foster dog), above, is in one of them. Melinda, in Australia, wishes she could find one there for MoiMoi and Kenzo. MoiMoi said, "Kenzo and I want the Magic Pink Beds! We are on strike ------ we are not going to eat our food until Melinda comes good with two pink beds."
MoiMoi really wants a pink bed-- but this brown and black one is really nice, too!
She's modeling in the blue one-- I LIKE this bed! Do you think I'd fit in it? I could go right to sleep!
Melinda has had a love for Pekes for a long time-- here's her collection of Peke things. She said, "I wonder if peke people collect peke stuff like I do ? I don't have tons - I think you have to be fussy - you can end up looking like a nutcase!" (I just love Melinda!) The one in the front is her favorite. I have a Peke collection, too. Do you??
This is a painting she did of her Peke, Lulu, who died at 17. I love the paintings that Melinda does. She's amazing.
She also loves her dog Kenzo-- he's not a Peke, just thought I'd tell you. :-) He's drinking from a big bowl of water on the patio.
And here's drippy Kenzo after-- he's still cute!
His best friend is MoiMoi-- but I'm not sure he is HER best friend. He likes to bug her. She's rather be a royal dog and just have him serve her.
Or sit in the garden looking beautiful.
Or on the couch.
Or by the pond. She's a stunner!


lady jicky said...

Hey! That Moi Moi is NOT ALLOWED to be on the family room couch or the pond!!!!!

There is Kenzo infront of the hole he dug in the lawn!!!

What goes on when you are not looking !
Huh, and they wanted Pink Beds - I don't think so now - very ,very Naughty!

Karin said...

Moi Moi and Kenzo are beautiful dogs ~ even if they keep Melinda on her toes with the mischief they get into:)
The peke collection is very cute.

Jeanne said...

Oh......but look at their faces. How can you say no to them getting a pink bed. They are sooooo pretty.

Anonymous said...

What funny little pups! I think they deserve a pink fluffy bed :)
(I looove their garden!)