Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yoshi and Shami-- Peke Collection

Farewell to Spooky:
Spooky, who was 13, died last night of heart failure. His mom and dad are foster parents for us and this sweet little boy was an important part of their lives. I know his Peke sister, Foxy, will miss him so much, too.
Remember Melinda's Peke collection from last week?

Judy sent me pictures of her collection-- she has us all beat!
She has plates and figurines. Most of these are German and Danish figurines, such as Dahl Jensen, Bing & Grondahl, Royal Copenhagen, Metzler & Ortloff, Hutschenreuther ( which is now Rosenthal), and a few Royal Doulton, and Beswik. There's even a Lladro in there. I have a Lladro Pekingese and I love it. I've had it for almost thirty years and it's still precious to me.
Wait, are those horses?? Okay, Judy loves horses, too.
And another shelf of them..... Judy is going to bring some to the Pekinese picnic on May 1 to raise money for the club. I know I'm going to be looking at them! I'll have to get there early. :-)
She has framed pictures of Pekingese-- and it kind of camoflages her thermometer there. Good job!
There are Pekingese of all sizes-- big ones, tiny ones. Some are made of brass or pewter, some are porcelain, and some are resin.
On tables and shelves and on the wall.
There are pictures of Pekingese she has owned and loved.
Little beauties.
Single Pekes, groups of Pekes.
Pekes by themselves and Pekes in baskets.
More plates on a table. Beautiful Peke faces.
Pekes.... and horses. But, I think there are more of Pekes. The real ones, Shami and Yoshi, are the best ones though-- on a horse blanket! I didn't include all the pictures, but you can sure tell Judy loves her Pekingese!! I won't even include a picture (one picture would do) of my tiny collection haha.


lady jicky said...

Firstly I send my best to Spooky's family.

Thankyou Judy!!!! If my husband EVER complains about my peke collection....... I am not the only one in the world!!

Love your wonderful collection!! I see you have the lovely standing up Beswick peke too. I have him in my china cabinet :)

Come on Linda - your next!!! LOL

Jeanne said...

Love her collection....would not want to dust her house though....:)

cby said...

How many total Pekes in the collection, Judy?

Pekiegirl said...

There are 48 figurines, 8 framed pictures, 17 plates, and 5 tiles! Whew!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Judy has me beat by 7 figurines,6 framed pictures,17 plates,4 tiles. But wait where are all the Pekingese blankets and tapestries? Your collection is Awesome. Save something for me to buy at the Fun Day. And Jeanne dusting them is scarey. I am always afraid one will get broken. I never let Kevin touch them.

mandy keay said...

hi, just found your site, loving it! i'll have to take some photos of my peke collection, think you'll be impressed!! x