Wednesday, April 7, 2010


This isn't a Peke, but she sure is cute! She belongs to a friend of Jeanne's-- my great helper in rescue. This little one's name is Gracie Marie. She only weighs about a pound! The blog today is about Gracie Lu, but we had to sneak in this cute picture.
" Hi Linda The Easter Bunny brought me my PINK CAR SEAT. It is so pretty and I wanted you to see it. "
"We have been riding and I have fun but Mom has to help me get in the seat. Love, Gracie Lu"
Gracie looks great in her new car seat. Know her mom, it is a very special seat! She wouldn't let anything happen to Gracie, that's for sure.
Gracie, you look beautiful-- and you can see everything! I'm not showing this blog to my dogs, because they'll want a seat, too.
Yes, you look wonderful posing on it-- I know you want to show off your best side. I think all your sides are "best."

Now, hit the road, Gracie!!


lady jicky said...

Oh boy -- so many Gracie's!!
I do think that tiny one is a maltese ???? Very cute.

Now look here ---- what are you lot doing to me Linda!!!!
I am going to have those two here pouting for a PINK CAR SEATS NOW!!!
Moi Moi is looking on the net for one to buy as I type. Yes, Moi Moi has her own laptop - Ooop's, I mean PUPTOP! LOL

* Infact - I fancy a pink car seat myself :)

claudine hellmuth said...

we had a seat just like that but in black for Toby. He loved it and it was well used on our rides from DC to Orlando!

Jeanne said...

Gracie Marie is a Bichon Frise...She is way to cute and little. !!!!

Anonymous said...

Imagine if all my pups had such nifty seats! We would not fit in the car :)
Congrats on your new seat Gracie!