Monday, April 5, 2010


I got a present! Marilyn, one of my Peke friends sent me 16 leashes and matching collars! WOW, thank you!!! I was out, so now, I'm all set!! The Pekingese will look wonderful in them. (Jeanne, I'll share!)
I love spring! It's warm, things begin to grow, I can be outside more. I'm a warm weather kind of person, having spent many years in warm climates, like Florida.
The ducks are out behind out house. It's a small piece, really small piece, of the Elizabeth River. Click here: YouTube - duckoutside

Things are blooming-- it's beautiful!
I love to watch the trees blossom.
What is this? A forlorn toy. (The funny thing is that I did NOT put it there!)
Let's get a close up shot. Yes, he's lost in the vines. Who will rescue him.
I see Ty sneaking in. I think he's going to get it.
Is anyone looking? No, I think you're safe.
Off he goes. Where is he going?
Under the deck! Wait, Ty, that is not the same toy. Where is the other one?
I don't know-- he must have thought this ice cream toy would taste better!


lady jicky said...

Lovely autumn weather here and I can see your Spring has come and lots of blossoms are out!
I see Hello Kitty went under the house with Ty!
I wonder what else he has stuffed in there??

Jeanne said...

What a great gift from your friend Linda......We can always use leashes and collars.......

Spring is wonderful.......

claudine hellmuth said...

awww it's like an Easter egg hunt for toys!!!

Dawn-Marie said...

I just wanted to say how much my Princess and I enjoy our blog everyday! It always makes us smile!

Linda said...

I'm so glad you enjoy it. I have a lot of fun writing the blog.
Linda and the Pekes :-)

Karin said...

Your Spring blooms are much farther along than ours. We always find toys that have spent the winter outdoors and are waiting to be revived in the washing machine, too.