Friday, April 23, 2010


Leo came to us from a shelter after the owner was charged with cruelty. I know that charge can come for many reasons, but I can't imagine anyone hurting this little guy.
One of our members picked him up and brought him to her house on his first journey into our rescue group. She bathed him and brushed him ...
And he was worn out. :-) So, like all puppies, he took a nap.
Leo is ten months to a year old-- and sweet as they come.
He's not little though-- he's about 16 pounds. But, he's all puppy.
He's in a foster home-- THANK YOU JENNY!!-- in Maryland. He is an amazing dog. You see, Leo is blind. But, he can follow your footsteps in the grass. His hearing and smell are working extra and he uses those senses to get around.
Look at those teeth, and that beautiful face.
And look at the wind blowing his hair. He loves it.
"I know someone is walking by."
He still has the puppy hair on his head-- :-).
This is a wonderful boy-- and to really show you his personality, just watch these videos! If you're interested in more information about him, just email

Click here: YouTube - leomovie1.mp4

Click here: YouTube - leomovie2.mp4

Click here: YouTube - leomovie3.mp4


Pekiegirl said...

He is soooo cute! Kinda looks like my Shamisen!

lady jicky said...

Pop him in a box and lick a stamp on it and send him over here Linda !

Leo is Lovely!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Too adorable! I love his little play snorts! =)

Karin said...

Oh my! He's a beauty! Leo is the perfect name for him.

RescuegirlinVA said...

Oh my Linda. The videos really show his personality. The one with him playing with the ball is too cute. It looks like he is really coming out of his shell now that he is safe and loved. He is going to make a wonderful family member to the lucky person(s) that adopts him. What an absolute sweetie pie. I hope he's coming to fun day!

Anonymous said...

Leo would certainly have found his forever home with me! Hugs from Nubby, Taco, Belle, Pickle and Dotty!
That's a mouthfull!!