Thursday, December 12, 2013


I know Pekes get excited as Christmas is coming.   Jules, you need to keep your eyes closed.  Don't "Peke" when mom is wrapping presents.
Little Margo is keeping her eyes closed.    Her mom, Jannie, adopted a Peke from us-- so I'm sure they will all have great presents.
 Okay, this isn't a Peke, it's my daughter's 12 year old Shepherd mix, Pi, short for Sweetie Pie.   I guess she thinks if she has sunglasses on, she can't Peke.
 Grace and Ted were worn out from decorating.    Their eyes are closed, so it's a good time for their mom to get their presents wrapped.
 Gus, are you looking for Santa?    (Or are you just watching because your foster mom went outside.)    Now, you make sure you don't Peke when she gets your present ready.
Mr. Winks will have a great Christmas I know.   His mom and dad will be there, of course, but his human sister will be home for Christmas and I'm sure there will be something special for him and his sister, Lacy.
Chloe knows that she's getting presents.   Her mom told me she spoils her-- and I can see why.   So, Chloe, don't Peke while your mom gets your gifts out.
This is "Clark."   That was the name on the shelter info, but don't know if it is actually his name.  We just got him and he has no tail.  Poor guy!   But, he is so sweet, about 3 years old, loves toys, other dogs, eating, running, staying busy...... This is one sweet boy.   Will he get Christmas gifts from his foster mom?? I bet he will!
And here are Ferbie, who was visiting his former foster mom, and her foster, Louie-- along with her two precious nieces.    They'll all have to have the "no Peking" rule!     It will be a hard rule to keep though.   So much excitement and joy are going on this month!  

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lady jicky said...

I must tell Moi Moi and Coco "no Peking" too!

Lovely photos!!!!