Tuesday, December 24, 2013


 Murray came to us in September from a rural shelter and his eyes were matted shut from infection.   He lost one eye but we were able to save the other.   Little Annie was trying to figure out why he had that cone on his head.
 Once he had it off, tiny Max would play with him.   Murray is the sweetest dog-- he had a very bad life before we got him, but his future is bright now!
 He loves to roll around, or just sleep on the couch.
 He loves to be outside and would follow his foster mom around.
 He found out Christmas was coming-- and maybe someone was interested in adopting him.
 He even was able to see Santa and tell him he wanted a forever home.
 Santa was sure he could help with that.
And guess what?   He went to his forever home just a few days before Christmas.  He is doing great and we are so happy that we were able to help Murray begin his new life.   Thank you to all who helped with his eye surgery bills and care.    Thank you to Susan who took care of him while he needed medical care and who gave him a loving foster home.     I'm so happy for Murray!    This is why we do rescue!

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lady jicky said...

Now that is some Christmas Wish!!!

So great to read that Murray has a furever home!!!!!