Sunday, December 1, 2013


Is it December already?    Oh, my, this year has flown by!!    We'll begin the month with an adorable Peke!
 Chloe was turned into rescue 2 1/2 years ago.    Jeanne picked her up and she knew just where she needed to go.    We had an applicant who wanted a young, black and white Peke-- Chloe was ten years old and white.  
 Her new mom loved her right away!    Chloe is a very pampered, sweet girl.    Her mom said she is most thankful this year for Chloe.    She said, " I will be eternally grateful to the wonderful foster mother who drove to Williamsburg to pick her up-- so she would not end up at the pound.  We will always love Jeanne for bringing us together!!!! You are the best foster mom EVER!!!!!!!"
After dinner, she wanted to sit near the door-- she had her sweater on-- but I still see the bows!
 Here is the latest picture of Chloe-- she had a spa day.    Her mom had people over for dinner on Thanksgiving and one asked her when she was going back to London for a visit.    Her reply was that she didn't have any real reason to go to London or anywhere else.   She said Chloe would be 13 on Valentine's Day and London will always be there, but Chloe won't.    Her friend thought she was nutty-- but I totally understand what she was saying.   I guess I'm nuts, too.  
Could you leave this one to go on a trip    Oh, she is so cute!!  


lady jicky said...

Oh Chloe is so cute and I don't think I would go to London if I could not take Chloe with me!

Toni Davis said...

What a beautiful story! She is one blessed little peke:)